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The Network~ By L.C Shaw

U.S Senator Malcom Phillips believes he is going to be murdered by a secret society group; he believes he will be assassinated and he is seeking help to protect his wife. ⁣⁣

He visits Jack Logan an investigative journalist at his home one day and gives him a sealed envelope in case he is killed. Jack and Taylor use to be lovers and Jack is unsure how this will all work between them, but the Senator knows she will be safe with Jack.⁣⁣

⁣Days after meeting with the Senator Jack learns he has been killed; now Jack and Taylor must uncover the clues left to them in the envelope to make a fast escape. ⁣⁣

This is the first book in a new series and I cannot wait for the next; I usually stay away from series books because I have zero patience to wait for the next book. There are a lot if layers to this; good against evil that evolves into a Christian thriller and I think everyone who reads it will not be disappointed at all. ⁣⁣⁣



A Better Next~ By Maren Cooper

Jess Lawson, married to doctor Arthur Lawson for twenty years, she is a mother and a health consultant; she has always seen them as a happy family. Arthur has decided he wants to move his business to Portland, this also comes with the announcement that he wants a divorce. This of course takes Jess by surprise and now leaving her to figure out what comes next with her life.

Can Jess at the age of forty-five find happiness again? Jess has great friends that support her and encourage her to start dating and live her life. I wanted to like this book but I felt it was bit slow and it did feel like the first half was about Arthur being not such a kind man. Being a woman in her late forties I wanted to relate to this book a lot more. 



Plastic~ By Frank Srausser

Dr. Harry Pervin is successful plastic surgeon, he is married to Helen and as we see they have a lot of martial issues. Helen has had miscarriages and fertility problems; all the stress has caused her to gain weight and not feel comfortable in her own body. Even though married to a plastic surgeon she has never had any touch ups of her own, she is naturally beautiful. With all the stress their marriage has been under Helen decides it’s time for them to divorce. After receiving divorce papers from Helen unexpectedly Harry has been a bit emotionally unstable; things only get worse for him after one of his patient die after surgery.

Fay Wray a young, beautiful singer has been attacked and her face has been brutally ruined. Fay’s management team wants to keep this all on the down-low, so they rush her to Harry so that he can work his magic and repair the beautiful stars face. What Harry was not expecting was to be caught up in a Hollywood mess with this superstar. Plastic is a great conspiracy theory plot that will keep you entertained until the last page. 


The Art Of Regret~ By Mary Fleming

When Trevor McFarquhar was a child he moved to Paris with his mother and brother after tragic life events. Now Trevor is an adult still living in Paris, he own a bicycle shop but he makes no attempt to cultivate his business; his life is very stagnant and it is just passing him by.

Trevor does not just treat his livelihood this way but his personal life, his love life also is nothing to speak of because he keeps them all very casual, he wants no commitment it seems like to anything. Throughout this book we get to see Trevor discover who he is while getting a great descriptive walk through of Paris; Trevor comes to terms with past events that caused him to shelter himself off from the world and discover that there is a man with human feeling inside him after all.

Mary Fleming’s writing about Paris is beautifully written, there is no lack of effort and research that went into the details of Paris.


Life On Loan~ By Ashley FarleyUnknown

I can tell you personally this book resinated with me so much; sometimes life gets so overwhelming you forge who you are and you just need a break to regroup. Unexpectedly one day at the airport two college friends Lena and Olivia run into each other; the women get to talking and decide to swap homes for a month. Lena is tired of being treat poorly by her family, over the years of being a wife and mother she has forgotten who she is and her purpose in life. Lena will be heading to Charleston where Olivia has a condo, on this journey she will rediscover all the things she has forgotten she loved about herself. Olivia is trying to pull herself together after her recent divorce; still trying to understand how the man she married fell in love with another woman. Olivia blames herself and takes this time away from everything to realize she is a far better woman she gives herself credit for. Ashley Farley has a an amazing way of transporting her readers into the characters she has created. 


9781611882667-copyBirth Right~ By Julian Iragorri and Lou Aronica

Sandra is about to be married; her uncle has arranged her entire wedding to Sebastian. Sandra meets Cayetano days before a wedding she cannot get herself out of; she knew the moment she met Cayetano he was her soulmate, he was her one true love. Cayetano understand the situation but he also knows that Sandra is the one he should be with but this is impossible; he also marries but he knows that Sandra has his heart. The two have an arrangement and they meet once year even though they know this is wrong. 

Alex Soberano is in the international financial business, through his work he meets Prince Fernando who is the future King.  Alex and Fernando become fast friends; so close that Prince Fernando turns to Alex for financial advise because the Prime Minister of Leon is ruining the country’s economy. While this books takes you on a journey all over the place the storylines finally come together and the book was fabulous.

This was my first time reading anything like this, and although I am not a huge fan of a book flip flopping all over this book was written well enough to where you do not feel lost. 


UnknownThe Second Chance Supper Club~ By Nicole Meier

Julia Frank has always wanted to be a broadcast journalist; she has her dream job and has created a successful career and name for herself. During a broadcast one day Julia makes an accusation about the mayor, the station she works for has to go into damage control to fix what she has said. Julia not wanting to deal with the backlash of this decides to get out of town and heads to Arizona to visit her sister, with whom she has not spoken to in three years.

Ginny Frank a fabulous award winning chef in New York, she also has made a name for herself and has her dream career. Ginny leaves New York not but choice, her and Julia’s parents are killed in a car accident in Arizona. Ginny goes there to finalize her parents estate because Julia is too busy to handle it, this causes the distance between the sister. Ginny decides to stay in Arizona and starts a “secret supper club”at her home to make a living.

With Julia and Ginny now together after years can they rebuild their relationship and put past hurts behind them?
Nicole Meier takes us on a wonderful journey set around sisterhood, mothers and daughters and most importantly food, what better way to bring people together to rebuild what they had.


Unknown𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐡𝐚 𝐒𝐚𝐭 𝐑𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞: 𝐀 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐎𝐝𝐲𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐲 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐥 ~ By Dena Moes

This book made me want to walk away from my everyday life and go live an adventure in India and Nepal; two places on my bucket list for almost the same reason why Dena and her husband Adam went and had their adventure there. Life gets crazy and you sometimes lose focus on what is really important in life; I totally envy Dena and her family. 

Dena is a busy midwife, the hours are long and unpredictable; she is also a mother of two daughters, Bella and Sophia, her husband Adam is a Buddhist yogi. Dena had visited her sister in India back in 2011 and that trip brought her peace and planted an idea that she soon brought to forth to her family; to leave the craziness of everyday life behind and go find a greater purpose. 

Throughout an 8 months spiritual journey The Moes travel and find themselves in wonderful places and to his Holiness the Dalai Lama. This book is beautifully written, Dena is very open in sharing the struggles and hard times and all the happiness that they have also. Not many people would have the courage to literally uproot their family and just go and seek what they really want, but the Moes did it and I am so happy they did and that they shared their story with us. 



The House By The Cypress Trees~ By Elena Mikalsen 

Julia Ramos, is an American teacher who lives in Texas and has decided to travel to Italy to find her birth mother. Julia has never had any contact with her birth mother but has heard she lives in Italy and was sent a painting of a house in Italy; now that her adoptive mother has passed away she feels the need to find the woman who gave her life and to find this house in the painting.

Daniel Stafford is in Italy to close on a business deal and visit with his family. He is an architect from London and the deal he is there too close is very important to him. Daniel’s proposal for the deal does not go so well, he is distracted and almost hits Julia and this stray dog she has found.

Julia and Daniel keep finding themselves running into after this first encounter, Julia tells Daniel why she is in Italy and he offers to help her find this house in the painting. It turns out Italy is what both of these souls need to find peace and love in their lives.
I enjoyed this book, I loved the details in the book, you feel like you are right there in Tuscany walking side by side with the characters. Everything is very descriptive, the foods, the scent of lavender, the scenery; I was right there in Italy through reading this book.


Every Thing You Are ~ By Kerry Anne King

Ophelia MacPhee (Phee) has been given an amazing gift from her grandfather on her eighteenth birthday. Her grandfather has gifted her with the luthier family business, MacPhee Fine Instruments.

Braden Healey~ Is a gifted cellist, when his hands are severely injured, he loses his career and his family. Feeling helpless he turns to alcohol to cope. This is not the only tragedy he faces; his ex wife and son are killed in a car accident, leaving their seventeen your old daughter Allie needing her father more than ever.

Phee is learning that the business is not what it seems to be; the instruments choose who should play them and the buyers that the instruments choose must sign a contract that they will play the instrument or return it back to the store.

Allie is grieving over the loss of her mother and brother; she is also holding resentment toward her father whom she has not seen in over a decade. Braden having signed the contract for this magical cello that choose him must try to find a way to overcome his grief and alcoholism; he must try to turn not just his life around but Allie’s.

I fell in love with every character in this book, including the cello. It was such a magical story and touching in so many ways; the writing was so well done that I felt like I was side by side with the characters as I read it. 



Her Daughter’s Mother ~ By Daniela Petrova

Lana Stone and her long time partner Tyler Jones have been trying to conceive a child for years. This has not been easy for either of them; Lana has went through several session of IVF, has miscarried and still has not lost hope of having a child. Tyler and Lana decide that an egg donor is the best option for them.

Katya is young, beautiful and smart, she attends Columbia University; she is also from Bulgaria, this made her the perfect anonymous egg donor, since Lana wants the child to have Bulgarian roots like her own. Lana arrives home one evening after her Barren Mother’s Club meeting to find that Tyler is packed and is leaving her; as hard as this is for she has her upcoming appointment to have the egg implanted and since they have drained their savings to have a baby, she goes and becomes pregnant.

Lana has done some work on finding her egg donor Katya; One day she sees her on a train and follows her. Katya takes a fall on the street and Lana runs over to help her. After this encounter they become friends; friends with secrets. Until out of nowhere Katya disappears; this leaves Lana very upset and also a possible suspect in her disappearance. This book was spot on with all the great reviews it has receive. It was very suspenseful and I could not wait to get to the end of the book. Add this to your TBR pile if you have not do so already!



Not Our Kind ~ By Kitty Zeldis

Calling all fans ~New York 1947 ;Eleanor Moskowitz and Patricia Bellamy are literally from two different worlds. Eleanor is a young Jewish teacher who has just left her current teaching job and Patricia is a wealthy woman who has it all.

One day the two happen to meet because their respective taxis get into an accident; Patricia feels responsible for the accident and takes Eleanor to her apartment to treat minor injuries. This is where Eleanor meets Patricia’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Margeaux.

Patricia has been looking for a tutor for her daughter; who who is crippled from polio. Patricia has been looking for a tutor for her daughter and thinks Eleanor would be a good fit, her husband Wynn is not so happy due to Eleanor being Jewish; Patricia asks Eleanor to use the last name Moss instead of her, because they live in a building where Jewish people are not allowed.

Eleanor goes with the Bellamy family to their summer home in Connecticut to help catch Margeaux up on her studying; this is where she meets Patricia’s brother Tom. The connection between Eleanor and Tom are very intense, he makes her feel more comfortable in their world; where she knows she is not welcome. I can go on and on about this book, but you really should read it and enjoy it yourself. 



Her Secret Son ~ By Hannah Mary McKinnon 

Josh and Grace have been in a long term relationship; Grace has a son Logan who was two years old when they met. Josh has every intent on marrying Grace until her life is taken in an accident in front of their home. 

Josh who has played a very important part in Logan’s life wants to adopt him and officially make him his son, but as he begins the process to do so he uncovers a secret that he was not expecting; Grace is not the biological mother of Logan. 

Josh is left alone to find the answers to some many questions he has, and does not realize that dark secret Grace has hidden and the danger he may put Logan into by digging for answers. This was the first book I have read by and I enjoyed it. I hear The Neighbors~ by is a must read and I will be adding that to my.



Slay Like A Mother~ By Katherine Wintsch

Where was this book 25 years ago when I had “Irish Twins” at home and felt like the biggest failure of my life. It is so hard to be a mother; even now, my kids are 24 and 25 and I still feel like I fail them at times. I have never been a fan of self-help books but Slay Like A Mother does not read like ones.

Throughout the book Katherine  shares her story and insight and stories from thousands of other mothers; mothers like you and I. Being a mother is no easy task and it is never-ending.. NEVER.. This book gives you the insight to know its OK to not have it all together, speaking just for myself being a mother was so hard when the kids were young; I honestly felt the constant need to always have it all together and inside I was dying, literally dying.

That does not have to be anyone, reading this book was eye opening for me; it’s perfectly ok to not be ok and we women in general forget that. I really enjoyed the little exercises through the chapters, it is a great way to help you put things in perspective. I am passing this book along to my newly engaged 24 year old daughter; I see so much of me in her and I do not want her to ever feel the way I did when she was little.

Thank you Katherine for writing this book, for me reading all of this was so much more powerful than if someone were to speak it to me. This is a must read book ladies. 



The Woman In The Park~ By Teresa Sorkin & Tullan Holmqvist 

Sarah Rock is a privileged Manhattan woman; wife of a cheating husband, a mother of two children that are living at boarding school. Sarah has a lot of time on her hands when she is not at a therapy session, yoga or reading in the park.

Sarah heads to the park for her time that seems to calm her, when she meets a very attractive man named Lawrence. Lawrence takes interest in Sarah and Sarah sees him as a distraction from her problems. One day Sarah has the police show up at her home questioning her about a woman she befriended at the park who has now one missing. Sarah takes a moment and realizes the questions are actually suggesting that she may have something to do with this woman’s disappearance.

This book is a great fast suspenseful read. I was able to finish this in one day. If you are looking for a fast thriller that will make you want more, then this is your summer go to. This is the debut book for the two woman and I was not disappointed by any means. 



Christmastime 1939 ~ By Linda Mahkovec 

Lillian Hapsey is a widow and a mother to two sons, Thomas and Gabriel Hapsey. Christmas is nearing and Lillian has no Christmas spirit, her worries are consuming her and clouding her happiness. She is trying very hard for her boys to not notice and not ruin Christmas for them. 

Lillian was feeling stuck at her job until one day when Mrs. Cultrain was speaking with and realized Lillian had a talent for drawing. Mrs. Cultran worked with Lillian in the Houseware department and she had an idea to use Lillian to create drawings of the merchandise in a Christmas scenery and leave the drawings throughout the store. 

This is exactly what Lillian needed, she needed to believe in herself again, she needed to know that she was going to be ok and provide for her sons. This little step from Mrs. Cultrain gave Lillian a new perspective on life, something to be hopeful for and a reason to be happy and celebrate one of the happiest times of the year. 

This book is the prequel to The Christmastime Series. I had never read a book so short but yet had a great and complete story behind it. Linda Mahkovec takes us right back to what Christmas in Brooklyn was like, being a New York girl myself, I could vividly see all her detail in the book. 

This is a great book for historical fiction lovers and just lovers of Christmas. It reminded me how simply life was, and how little it took to make everyone happy, something I think we all forget to oft today. 

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest opinion.



Rough Passage To London ~ By Robin Lloyd

Elisha Ely Morgan a young farm boy who does not have an easy life, his home life is ruled by his father who does not have the best of tempers to live by. Ely has two older brothers, both of whom have left the home and pursued a life on the sea in the merchant marines. One day a letter is received advising the Morgan family that Abraham one of the Morgan boys was lost at sea and is presumed to be dead. The news is devastating and causes young Ely to realize the time has also come for him to leave home, not to just search for his brother but to escape living with his father. 

Ely took all the money he had and spent it all on becoming a sailor on a ship traveling from New York to London. The life of a sailor is not easy but Ely takes to it quickly learning how to survive life at sea. All the while following cryptic messages on wether his brother is alive or not. Ely is determined to not just find his brother but to succeed in his career. He eagerly makes his way to climbing the ranks and becoming captain. Throughout his journey he experiences many life adventures such as finding romance, facing a mutiny, meeting the Queen and becoming friends with Charles Dickens. 

If you are a historical fiction fan and love stories based on the high seas then this book is for you. 

This was Robin Lloyds first book to be published and was released in paperback back in October 2018. Robin’s writing and research for the book is wonderful, you can feel the passion he put into this book as you embark on the journey with him. 

I am honored that I was able to be a part of this book tour. You can purchase a copy on The opinion of this book is my own, I was gifted a copy of the book for my honest opinion. 



Master Of His Fate (Book 1) ~ By Barbara Taylor Bradford 

Set in Victorian England we are introduced to James Falconer and Alexis Malvern.

James Falconer~ young and ambitious has a goal to rise to be Prince Merchant and to own his own marketplace. His work does not go unnoticed he soon catches the eye of Henry Malvern, one of the richest men in the trading business. 

Alexis Malvern~ the only child of Henry Malvern and heir to his business. Alexis is strong minded knows she does not want to marry, she feels most men want her for her wealth. She focuses her attention on running the family business and on Haven House.

James and Alexis lives intertwine and they start to collaborate on a project together, but that is not all that seems to be happening between them…

The book is descriptive in details, Historical fiction lovers will be swept away in the decor, clothing and scenery detailed in the book. This was my first time reading one of Ms.Bradford’s books and I was not disappointed, I am looking forward to book two in the series.

I am honored that I was able to be a part of this book tour. You can purchase a copy on



Sophie Last Seen ~ By Marlene Adelstein

Jesse Albright’s daughter disappeared six years ago at the shopping mall, in that time her marriage started to fall apart which led to a divorce. Jesse became very obsessed with collecting things with a connection or reminded her of her daughter Sophie, so obsessed she began hoarding.

Sophie was 10 years old and a lover of birds; birds seemed to keep Sophie calm considering she had some behavior issues. Jesse spends a lot of time going through Sophie’s bird journals, it is another way to keep Sophie close to her. Star was Sophie’s best friend, she too has not been able to move on or just forget about Sophie. Jesse runs into Star and they start to work together to unravel clues that may lead them to Sophie’s disappearance. 

The books reads at a good pace and kept me wanting to get to the next page; written with vivid detail this is a must read for suspense lovers. I was gifted a copy of the book for my honest opinion. The book can be purchased on



Husbands And Other Sharp Objects~ By Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Marcy Hammer is separated from her husband Harvey after 30 years of marriage; Marcy has discovered Harvey had an affair with a young model and is now having a baby with her. She is also the mother three adult children; Elisabeth, Amanda and Ben.

Marcy’s daughter Amanda is getting married and Marcy is helping her plan the upcoming big day and dealing with Amanda being a Bridezilla…

Marcy is finding herself and starting her life outside of being a wife and mother. She has a career and has a boyfriend Jon. Jon wants their relationship to be more serious. Oh and she still has not filed for divorce… Harvey wants them to get back together.. 

This book is the second book from , Lift and Separate is the first book where Marcy and family are introduced. The book was laugh out loud funny and light hearted. I was very honored that I was asked to read this book in exchange for a review. The book can be purchased at 


The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool~ Whispers In Black Willow ~ By James Alan Ross

Dylan Klaypool has just moved to the town of Black Willow to live with her grandmother Catherine; Dylan has a dark past and seems to think the key to her past lies in paranormal investigations and ghost hunting. Dylan is a junior in high school and is having a hard time making friends; until she meets Mitch.

Mitch seems to have the same interests as Dylan in the paranormal. Dylan discovers this a boarded up house, she feels drawn to it; she picks up feelings and sounds when she is near it. While searching the house Dylan is contacted by a ghost, which leaves her wanting to know what happened in the house;  she and Mitch then begin to uncover just what took place there.

This was my first experience reading a book of this genre and I was not disappointed. Jame’s writing is done very well and detailed. You are down completely into the storyline and characters. This is the first book in the series; The Haunting Of Dylan Klaypool~ Shadow Summoner is the second book that will be released. I was honored to be gifted a copy of the book for my honest opinion.



Lovely Little Things~Maureen Joyce Connolly 

Claire Rawlings, mother of two girls and a medical resident is driving to work when she starts to feel ill; the next thing she knows she has to pull over at a gas station and go to the restroom. Her daughters are asleep in the back and she does not want to wake them. She rushes to the bathroom and the next she she remembers is waking up from passing out from her illness. Upon exiting she realizes not only is her car missing but so are her daughters; a mother’s worse nightmare…

Jay White a Native American drifter has the gift of extra sensory perception and is able to provide the authorities with some crucial evidence on who has take Claire’s daughters. This book had me biting my nails as a mother wanting this children to be found ASAP. Maureen has written this story so well that you cannot put it down until you have answers. This is Maureen’s debut novel and I cannot wait to see what she has next for us.

Thank you Suzy Approved Book Tours to for allowing me to be a part of this book tour. 



Bittersweet Brooklyn~ By Thelma Adams

Bittersweet Brooklyn is a story of a the story of Thelma Lorber and her Jewish family. Thelma Thelma has two older brothers and her sister Annie, who became the one to make the decisions after the loss of their father. Their mother to distraught after their father’s death to take charge. Annie was nothing but cruel and abusive. Thelma’s brother Abie Lorber was a notorious gangster.

The story take you through what mob life was like durning the depression between the Italian and Jewish mobs. This book was exactly what I thought it would, dark, dysfunctional and keeps you wanting more. The characters are complex and Thelma Adams brought this tory to life in this book, you will feel like you are right there living it with them.



When We Left Cuba~By⁣ Chanel Cleeton

Sugar heiress Beatriz Perez wants to return to Cuba more than anything. She and her family have been exiled to Florida after the Cuban Revolution. Her father in Cuba was wealthy and had a sugar plantation, in America her tries to rebuild the family wealth. ⁣Beatriz has a lot of anger due to the murder of her twin brother and from being forced to leave Cuba; so when the CIA asks her to become a spy to report on Castro she does not pass up the opportunity.

Beatriz becomes torn as what she wants for her life; she has let her heart lead her in the direction of being the mistress of an engaged US senator; and she is seeing first hand working with the CIA just how corrupt things really are.⁣This book is written with so much passion and detail, I hope as you read this book; you feel like I did, as though I was right there living it.

Chanel Cleeton did not disappoint me at all, I fell madly in love with Next Year In Havana and I was right back there with this book. This must be added to every historical fiction fan’s TBR pile. If you have not read Next Year In Havana add both of these to your TBR ASAP. ⁣I want to personally thank Chanel Cleeton for allowing me to be a part of this book tour. It was an honor to read your work and I look forward to your next book. 



The Object Of Your Affection~ By Falguni Kothari

Paris and Naira we college best friends until a misunderstanding tore them apart. Years later reuniting at a wedding brings them back into each others lives.

Paris~is an attorney and lives in New York City, with her very handsome and wealthy husband Neal. Paris has made it very clear she does not want to have children; Neal wants a family, Paris agrees to one child via a surrogate.

Naira~ lives in Mumbai and is now a very young widow; she is invited to a wedding that brings her back to the United States. Paris and Naira run into each other at the wedding; where Paris has the idea that she has found the perfect person to be her surrogate.

I loved this book so much, Falguni Kothari draws you into each character and takes you on their journey with them. I truly hope there is a sequel to this book in the making. 



Trouble The Water~ By Jacqueline Friedland

Abigail Milton was from a middle class British family, the family has now come to find themselves in debt. Abby’s parents decide to ease a bit of the burden financial by sending her to America to live with their friend Douglas Elling. Douglas Elling is a widower who lives in Charleston, South Carolina; he runs a shipping company and is an abolitionist, which has made him a bit of a loner in the South.

Douglas does not help Abby acclimate to her new home, he instead leaves that to the governess that lives in his mansion. Abby, although grateful for Douglas taking her in, she does not like him; until one day when she overhears he is trying to help free the slaves. This gives Abby a new perspective on Douglas and changes her feelings about him.

Trouble The Water is the debut novel by Jacqueline Friedland, if you love historical fiction please pick this one up.